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Colorado Splendor
Winter Solstice & Convergence 2020.12.21
Meditation in the Labyrinth
Colorado Splendor
Colorado Splendor
Taking in the Sun
Seven Falls - Colorado
Image by Alejandro Benėt

"OLLO" you Beautiful and Lovey Souls!


If we haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting, I am Kimberly.


My mission is to bring the frequency of unconditional love into the physical world. I have been truly blessed, and no, not "#blessed"... genuinely, authentically blessed.

And I want to help YOU achieve the same!

I know the grind, the feeling of being a cog to society and what I used to call the "hell" of existence. I spent 20+ years of my life "trying" to heal through therapy, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, the medications, the mindfulness.... NOTHING was creating a lasting impact, so I turned to energy healing. I figured by that point, it was probably a last ditch effort or accept the fact that I was going to live with PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression for the rest of my life. In that life, my old life, life itself was overwhelming, I was constantly stressed, and I found myself making AWFUL decisions out of FEAR!

But, here's the deal... IT WORKED! The more I put into it and the more research I did - finding teachers, learning and growing, a whole NEW world opened up! A world that opened up the Path that my Soul had been guiding me to - accessing spiritual gifts that I had once run from for all those same decades. A world where I am FREE from all the labels, triggers, traumas, and just plain STUCK reality that I used to live in.

I am SO grateful and blessed! Authentically and Genuinely Loving Life!

And I want to help YOU achieve the same!


My passion lies in service. Guiding through a space of unconditional love for You to see yourself for who You truly are at the core - in your heart and soul, underneath all the fear, programming, pain, grief, or trauma that has shaped the perception of reality. To show YOU that it is possible for unconditional love to exist in this world, that YOU are more than the scars, without judgement, and guide YOU onto the first step into true healing through ascension into your Higher Self - Your Soul.

Nature runs through my veins, the stars call me from beyond our reach, and the makeup of everything in our universe whispers through my soul. I could spend hours stargazing, talking about energy - how magic is just science that hasn't been verified yet, our Andromedan, Pleiadean, Arcturian, Lemurian and Syrian cousins and how fascinating they are… or spend hours hiking, exploring, and expanding my heart through adventures to connect with Mother Nature and our beautiful Earth home through bonds beyond the surface.

I am an Andromedan & Pleiadian Hybrid. 

If you have been drawn here, you are a Starseed too. Period.

One of my absolute greatest loves is being a Mother. Where my love for my children reaches far and wide, they teach me more everyday than I teach them. Children have an ability to see truth where we once forgot it existed, and find it when we thought we had lost it. 

Whether you are seeking guidance, a personal reading, a healing session, or the know-how to heal yourself and others - you are here for a reason.

Let's speak with the Cosmos to find out what has been written into YOUR Soul Map.

I have Mastered my Spiritual Gifts of Spiritual & Energy Channeling, Akashic Records Readings, Oracle Readings, and as a Shamanic Soul Guide to ascend and connect you into higher realms where you are able to speak with your and others' Higher Selves and Spiritual Guides.

I understand the importance of emotional intelligence, patience, and presence through the entire healing process, bringing an undiminished position on integrity and moral standards that will provide my clients with an utmost loving and trusting relationship.

I Love YOU!

 for all that you are, all that you were, and all that you will be.

I have earned the following certifications:

GEO Love Healing Practitioner, Akashic Records Practitioner, Pranic Healer, and Love & Authenticity Practitioner.